Demented Fingering Exercise 1

This one is guaranteed to get the blood flowing in your picking hand as well as your fingering hand. Let's see what we have:

You can click here to download a MP3 file and use your sound card (assuming that you have one) to play the exercise and hear what it is supposed to sound like.

You can click here to download a MIDI file and use your sequencer and favorite synthesizer (assuming that you have them) to play the exercise and hear what it is supposed to sound like.

You can click on the GIF images below and download them to your own computer. There you can display them with your favorite viewer, print them on your printer, trade them with your friends, show off your new abilities.

You can send us a mail message and find out how to get more demented exercises and insane licks to amaze your friends with.

And now for the details

The exercise shown below is based on the Am/maj7 scale, in case you're interested. This scale contains A B C D E F# G#

Try to use all four of your fingers to play this exercise. Play the first note of each measure with your first finger. Play the second note with the second finger, the third note with the third finger, and the last note with the pinky. I know ..... that's a pretty good spread. In some places we're looking at 7 frets. Move the exercise higher up on the neck if you are not comfortable playing it starting at fret 5. The higher up you go the closer together the frets will be and you will find a comfortable spot. Remember that the idea is to get exercise. No pain, .... no gain; folks!!! It should hurt a little to play it, but I guarantee that after a while you will be able to play it anywhere, and your playing ability will be enhanced.

What about the other hand? Well, there are many ways to play it. You can pluck the strings with your fingers. BASS players, check this out!!! Try plucking the strings with a different finger for each note just as you are doing with your fingering hand. If you are using a pick, you can pick each note with an upward stroke. Then try picking each note with a downward stroke. Then try alternating, one note upwards, the next downwards. Try using sweep picking, as well.

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