The Monarch Scxml Executer (MSE) is a scalable multi-threaded
service. The MSE can be installed on multiple machines to obtain
the overall throughput necessary to service the customer. Each
machine can be configured to service as many simultaneous dialogs
as it can handle. It is possible to build out an enterprise
with machines that are not identical. The MSE can leverage
whatever platform is available. The MSE allows a developer to
create dialogs in the Scxml language. When the Scxml dialog
calls for content to be delivered to the consumer, the content
will be generated by the MSE, and that content will be appropriate
for whatever platform the consumer is running on. For example, if
the user started a dialog by sending a HTTP request to the MSE
from a web browser, then, when the Scxml dialog calls for content
to be generated, the MSE will generate HTML content, and that
content will be returned in the response to the original request.
If the dialog was started using a different type of gateway ( voice,
 sms, IM, etc. ), then the MSE will generate and respond with
content appropriate for the gateway that is being used. The MSE
is capable of supporting many different types of dialogs, and
new ones can be easily added. The MSE can also change from one
platform to another in the middle of a dialog. For example,
a dialog could start out from a voice gateway, and then change
to a browser based chat window or im messaging during the
process. An Scxml dialog can also take advantage of other
types of processing that the MSE supports. The MSE supports
breaking the Scxml into smaller and easier to manage
subroutines that can pass data back and forth just like
high level languages do. The MSE supports parallel processing.
The subroutines can be called simultaneously, and the MSE
will spawn threads as necessary. The MSE supports calls to
outside services. External services can be called from within states
of the Scxml dialog, and the results can be integrated
back into the Scxml. The MSE supports data integration. Most
of the databases currently being used can be supported.



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