crkodrt2 ( let's not bother to get into a discussion about naming )
was initially designed to be a companion program for PrintChart

it is actually a newer migrated version of a program that I wrote
MANY years ago using the FORTH language, thus the reason for the
"2" in the name

the XML files that PrintChart generates can be used as input into

it is also possible, of course, to modify or create the XML files
manually with a suitable editor, before providing them as input
into crkodrt2

to run it, you will need a suitable java runtime

although I have never bothered to pursue the thought, it is
conceivable that it might be able to run on the MAC, and other
versions of linux

although it might run on a lot of platforms, I'm running it
on Windows 10 using jdk1.8.0_131 downloaded from the
oracle website

again, it might work in a lot of different implementations, but
I would recommend duplicating my environment as closely as
possible ... after all ... people are NOT spending a lot of
time working out the kinks in PC based java implementations of

off of my root drive ( C: of course ), I will have a directory
called "crkodrt2", and in that directory I would unzip the
entire contents of the zip file found at the link below

now, if we open up a command prompt and cd to c:\crkodrt2 , we
should see the CLASS files, xml files, etc.

since crkodrt2 is a java program, there are many different
ways to run it

to save time, I just decided to use a SET command to implement
the CLASSPATH, and then after that, I can run it as many times
as I wish

crkodrt2 is a conversion from a program that was widely available,
and many parts of it are not really being used, but I haven't
taken the time to work on them, or eliminate them

as a consequence, when you run it, a GUI interface will appear
that really does not get used much, and it must be closed
in order for the program to terminate, so that it can be run
again, perhaps with a different set of parameters

as seems to be a convention in many parts of the industry,
if you run crkodrt2 with no parameters, it will just output
a list of the parameters and terminate

crkodrt2 will also create a log file in the directory where
it is run, which can be used to debug it, if there is
some kind of problem

it is suggested, that the user delete the log before each
execution, to keep things under control



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