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At this time, Alians2 does not have credit card ordering
If you are willing to donate $7.00
we will send you a custom music or mp3 CD with as many of our current favorite jams as will fit on it.
send your $7.00 donation to:
co ken picha
9584 Potts Rd.
Almond, WI 54909
Contact ALIANS for help in designing your own home project studio!!
Record your demo at ALIANS2 and book more and better gigs!
Many technologies available:

CD recording, CD artwork, video, audio, ADAT, hard disk recording and editing, synthesizer programming, effects programming, GUITAR, and more GUITAR, experienced audio/video/computer engineering, etc.
ancient jams in MP3 format for you from the alians2 archive
Singularity - Fractional Intensity (6222k)
Singularity_WhatHadTakenPlace (3665502 bytes) 03/27/93
Alians_TemporaryStorage (4029962 bytes) 12/31/92
Alians_OneCoastToTheOther (4006139 bytes) 01/11/93
Alians_Grating (3785874 bytes) 01/17/93
Alians_DepartmentOfInterior (4178338 bytes) 01/29/93
Alians_PossibleNextStates (4708728 bytes) 02/12/93
Singularity_RantingAbout (5792496 bytes) 05/16/96
Singularity_PlainAsMyFist (4986253 bytes) 07/13/96
Alians_Americas (1778416 bytes) 10/28/95
Alians_High (5372447 bytes) 12/16/95
Singularity_HeWouldNotReturn (5171409 bytes) 07/20/92
Singularity_RadiantOutput (3780023 bytes) 10/25/92
Singularity_MekongDelta (3342420 bytes) 11/08/92
Alians_TheCoil (3760797 bytes) 06/27/93
Alians_Logarithms (5058142 bytes) 07/09/93
Alians_Shaft (4545306 bytes) 08/04/93
Alians_FailureToProvide (4158694 bytes) 08/15/93
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